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A true story: Why Our Customer Selected SIPPALS Cloud Phone System

A true story: Why Our Customer Selected SIPPALS Cloud Phone System

A true story of why we have selected Cloud Phone system
We are relatively small company with big ambitions, our team mostly running on the road to meet new prospects and customers. Our website is very attractive and well optimized to get customers from almost any search engine.

Our challenge
Customer complains that it is hard to reach us via phone during office hours! Yes, that is true and highly challenging for us to tackle.

We don’t have a receptionist to answer all incoming calls as our team taking care of different aspects of business and many times we are not in office.

Initial solution
We got a call diverting service from our telco which permanently diverts incoming calls to our mobile phone. We also shared our mobile number on website as alternative channel.

There was big challenge to enable/disable call diverting on rotation basis to one of our team members. Number of missed calls and lost opportunity was relatively high and at the same time made our personal life a mess by receiving calls anytime of the day and over weakened.

Final solution
We got to know about SIPPALS as they offer Cloud PBX and they offered us a Cloud PBX for 3 users at RM36 per month! It was hard to believe that this could solve our problems, but we didn’t mind giving it a try since it was affordable.

We got the account up and running in few hours and we get our smart phone application running in no time. We are not telecommunication expert however we had great support from SIPPALS team assisting us during the process and the result was amazing, a professional phone system which was fully operational in one day.

What we got in package:

  • Auto Attendant (IVR): incoming calls are answered by cloud system and play our greeting audio file and provide options to reach sales, support or finance. Based on the caller input we receive the call on our smart phone application.
  • Voicemail: each of our accounts has voicemail which helps us to get the caller voicemail by email if we missed to answer the call
  • Time condition: this feature is really life saver and help us to route the incoming calls to voicemail after office hours and during weekends
  • Call details report: we get a portal account which from there able to generate report for all calls we made/receive through SIPPALS, it was really helpful for our marketing activities since we could build our customer database and easily capture all numbers from portal
  • Sending SMS: a great value added feature for us to send SMS from SIPPALS dashboard and also we used their SMS API that let us sending SMS to our customer when their order status updated in our CRM system, need to mention that our CRM vendor assists us for such integration
  • Outing calls: we use the SIPPALS smart phone application for calling to our customers, it helps us to maintain a great professional image rather than using personal mobile number for reaching them
  • Call transfer: we have the option to transfer incoming calls among our team member easily without the needs of asking customer to call again and selects different option

Some side advantages which we discovered later

  • Work from Anywhere: during COVID-19 lock down period we found that our customer communication has not been affected at all, we could use our Cloud Phone service from Anywhere
  • No Number change in future: using Cloud Phone system is helping us to maintain single phone number no matter where our office located. In the other word, relocation of office is not causing us troubles like what conventional phone system makes. Our office phone number remains the same as far as we continue the subscription

We need to have a door intercom for our office and connecting to our door magnetic lock. SIPPALS suggests us to use Fanvil i10V, a small mini intercom device which get connected to our SIPPALS Cloud PBX and has built-in camera. After installation done, now we get a call on our smartphone when someone at office door, we could see who is at doorstep using the Video Call service of SIPPALS and talk to the visitor.

We can open the door (if wanted) remotely, ask the visitor to wait few minutes till one of us reach office or simply ask them to come back later. This was really a great feature that helps us to receive all our incoming parcels from online shopping on-time rather than arranging for self-collection or next delivery round as we could ask the delivery guy handing over the goods to our neighbor.

As a small startup, we always having many high priority tasks to do and now phone system is not any disruptive case anymore. Having smooth day to day operation with great customer experience reaching us via phone made our grow faster than what we were expected. Again, expansion of team members was matter of few clicks to get new extensions to our hosted phone and enjoy all features immediately.

We would like to thanks SIPPALS team who made our journey toward digitalization a breeze and we highly recommend the same service to everyone.

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