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Empowering customer experience and agents' productivity through innovative call center solutions


SIPPALSCC – Call Center Software is an automated system that helps to manage the communication between agents and customers. Call centers require to handle a large volume of calls; hence streamlined communication is necessitated to deliver improved customer services. Call center software offers varied features and functionality with the secured business operations for the flawless conversation with the customers. Mostly, your agents are solving the customers’ queries or guiding them to perform intended actions.

SIPPALSCC inbound and outbound call center software are designed to provide seamless end-to-end business communication. We aim at providing industry-best call center software with state-of-the-art features to promote business communication.


Remote Agent

Allow your agent to work seamlessly from anywhere and run the business operations smoothly.

Call Bridging

Improve the communication through efficiently connecting agents to customers and vice versa.

Highly Secure

Converse with customers and deliver best assistance to them through the highly secured system.

Call Recording

Record calls for monitoring, supervising purpose, and boost customer support services.

Call Forwarding To Mobile

Reduce the chances of unattended calls through call forwarding to mobile and improve customer satisfaction.

Browser Based

No installations are required. The system is easy to use and simple to operate.

Add-on Features


IVR Survey presents a set of survey questions to get feedback from potential customers. Once the conversation between an agent and a customer is over, the agent can transfer the call for the IVR survey or even run a campaign for the survey.


SMS broadcasting functionality allows admin to create and set up an SMS campaign and broadcast the information for the customers.


The QA (Quality Analysis) is an add-on module for the call center software that ranks the agents based on predefined criteria; voice tone, language proficiency, quality of query resolution and many other parameters.

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